Massive amounts of content
Story-driven PvE campaigns, menacing world bosses, and elemental God challenge battles all offer fun and unique battle experience that require players to use different battle strategies.
Each with a unique personality, presence, and set of abilities they can bring to the battlefield. With every hero comes a unique set of equip-able artifact items, allowing the player to specialize their individual combat roles even further.
Large-scale Battles
actical pre-battle deployment gives players options for creating different formations to counter the enemies deployment.
Large number of unique troops, specializing in different combat roles.
Structures and Spells
Other combat units: The player can employ powerful traps, defense towers, and spells in addition to Heroes and Troops.
Large-scale Battles
Hundreds of units share the battlefield and fight for victory.In-battle hero active abilities and positional spells allow players to execute on a large variety of battle strategies in real time.

Featured Heroes